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The Institute for Trafficked, Exploited & Missing Persons has an active, international speakers bureau that presents trafficking in persons educational programs to senior high school, university, and concerned professional groups. These presentations and workshops range in time length from 12 minutes overviews to four day professional certification programs.

Patrick Atkinson ITEMP presentationGeographically, these presentations have been given in places as far ranged as Nairobi, Kenya to Okinawa, Japan… from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, California.

ITEMP “Trafficking in Persons” speaking series are always being arranged for contiguous geographical areas. To schedule a presentation for your school or group, or to learn more about these educational courses, please contact us.

This was an impactful presentation. It creates an awareness that no college class could.
You showed that every individual can make a difference.

B. Brandt-Sargent

North Dakota State University

Powerful. Moving.
This presentation brought to my attention deplorable conditions of which I had been largely unaware.

B. Hoyt

University of Central Arkansas

It made me think and experience the pain
of these people.
I will do whatever is in my power to inform my community about this issue.

G. Sanchez

Bonning, CA

Today I gained much knowledge about human trafficking.
The presentation was excellent!

S. Williams

Cecil C Humphreys School of Law, University of Memphis

Patrick is a super-excellent presenter. He puts his soul into his work.
He made me cry with this raw reality.

M. Castellanos

Compton, CA

Me ha abierto los ojos,
es uno sítuación muy triste
es una realidad triste.

R. Wjan

El Paso, TX
Human Trafficking 101

This 60-90 minute multimedia lecture gives the audience a basic understanding of slavery in today’s world. It begins by explaining what human trafficking is and is not. From there it moves into human trafficking through the ages. However it is not just a discussion of the trans-Atlantic trade that most people are familiar with, but a discussion showing just how international the issue has always been. After the history section, the lecture discusses human trafficking today, taking the issue from a broad international scope and focusing it to the audience’s community. Finally, it ends with a discussion of practical steps the audience can take to combat human trafficking.

My 30 Year Battle Against Slavery

This 60-90 minute lecture takes the audience through the Patrick Atkinson’s 30 years of fighting human trafficking around the world. This personal story of courage and the desire for others’ freedom tracks Mr. Atkinson’s movement around the world, while at the same time providing the audience with a deep understanding of the ever changing dynamics of human trafficking. Both educational and inspirational, this lecture leaves the audience with an understanding of human trafficking and a passionate desire to stop it.

Professional Training Seminar

This lecture can range from a 60 minutes to a full day seminar on human trafficking. Designed for professionals, this in-depth discussion provides training on how to identify and assist victims of human trafficking. The lecture discusses topics such how to identify signs of trafficking, questions to ask suspected victims or traffickers, as well as psychological and physical traumas suffered by trafficking victims. This detailed training provides professionals with the tools and information they will need to actively delve into the trafficking world.


Due to the high volume of requests, regretfully, we will not be able to accept every invitation to speak. We will use the contact information you provide to follow up on our ability to attend your event. We ask you to consider an honorarium for the speaking engagement to help offset the costs incurred by the Project. Donations to the God’s Child Project range from $1,000+ to cover the cost of transportation, lodging, and other expenses incurred to attend to your event. If your organization has a limited budget please still consider as we might be traveling in the area when you are requesting us to speak.

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