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Talking About Human Trafficking with Our Children

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Begin talking with your children now, especially your teens, about human trafficking and sexual exploitation. And keep on talking with your children. Be open about your love and concern for their well-being. Set limits, tell them what they are, and explain why you have them.

Although human trafficking, slavery, and child labor can be very uncomfortable topics to discuss with children, awareness of the problem is an important aspect of prevention.

Balancing the safety and education of your family with the goal to provide age-appropriate content, ITEMP has created a series of downloadable resources, beginning with “Talking About Human Trafficking with Our Children”.

The Response of Adults – A Resource for Parents

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WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF… someone took your child, stamped a price tag on her back, and sold her to the highest bidder…?

Human Trafficking is much more common than most people believe. It exists in every state and major city in the U.S. It entraps a new victim every 90 seconds.

The downloadable resource “Human Trafficking and Teens – The Response of Adults” was created for parents of teens as well as parents of school-aged children and young children.

Learn what you don’t know so you and your loved ones can stay on top of the quickly-growing human trafficking problem. See also our page and downloadable resource designed for teens/students: Human Trafficking and Teens: Grades 7-12

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