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The GOD’S CHILD Project (GCP) is a non-denominational organization reaching children and families in intense poverty. GCP provides essential care for thousands of children, widows, single mothers and families in Guatemala, El Salvador, India, Malawi, and the United States.

Dedicated to sustainable and permanent change, GCP has established an international presence in these poverty-stricken countries by providing education, healthcare, basic needs, emergency disaster relief, human rights services and family care. GCP’s efforts create stability and growth in broken areas of the world.

A Brief History of GCP

Patrick Atkinson and malnurished Guatemalan childFounded in 1991 by Patrick Atkinson, The GOD’S CHILD Project has been caring for orphaned and abandoned children for over 25 years.

Patrick had spent years around the world in humanitarian aid, working in New York to aid street children, in Guatemala to assist orphans lost in the middle of the Central American wars and in other countries. After spending some time working in Southeast Asia with human trafficking victims, Patrick was called back to Guatemala to help with the disastrous aftermath of war and thousands of orphans on the streets. Soon after, The GOD’S CHILD Project was born and continued to expand to developing areas across the world.

Today, The GOD’S CHILD Project cares for and educates 5,000 orphaned, abandoned and poverty-stricken children with the help of many caring volunteers and generous donors.

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